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serwatka.net is Lukasz Serwatka's personal website. I'm a Software Engineer at eZ Systems, focusing on dedicated eZ Publish solutions such as eZ Flow and the Website Interface.

serwatka.net contains material dedicated to the eZ Publish Content Management System, including tutorials, how-to articles, extensions and projects.


We have just published an article titled "Building mobile browser and hybrid applications with eZ Publish". This is part one of a two-part article series about mobile development with the eZ Publish CMS. This first article focuses on creating a mobile website and extending it to be a hybrid mobile application.


Extension that provides Nokia Lifeblog support in the eZ Publish Content Management System. Using the extension, you can produce a blog post (including photos, SMS, and text) on any Lifeblog-enabled Nokia device and post it to eZ Publish based blogs.

Fetch function for eZ publish which gives possibility to fetch weather information from weather.yahoo.com base on XML content. It takes 2 parameters, "location_code" which you can check on weather.yahoo.com pages for your region (part of URL) and "unit" which is f or c (temperature unit).

This eZ publish cronjob script moves content objects of given classes to specified container base on expire date.


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